We anticipate the future to better serve an increasingly demanding market, in its control processes, standards and parameters.
Our products combine technology, safety and efficiency.

Through a careful look to resignify what already exists and reach new limits and
possibilities, we rethink the model of Product and Production Environment.
The Future is now: we present the new generation of reticulated Hyaluronic Acid
produced in a sterile drug line.

See the publication in the Official Federal Gazette of GMP of Sterile Drugs.

Currently, Pharmaesthetics is the first industry to develop injectable products for aesthetic and therapeutic use in a Sterile Drug Factory – to achieve a level of purity of gels, with Franco-Swiss technology and which are at a level above the products found today in this segment.

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The cross-linked monophasic hyaluronic acids Biogelis® include lidocaine in their formula. Available in different concentrations and unique rheological characteristics to meet the main needs of your patients.


Microcannulas for a safer application.

HIFU Contlex

Cutting-edge equipment. Reduce sagging skin without the need for surgical intervention. Immediate results.

Clients report not feeling any pain.