We present a complete and effective portfolio of solutions based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid for aesthetic and therapeutic treatments, a skin and hair mesotherapy line in addition to botulinum toxin type A for aesthetic and therapeutic usage, as well as a dermo cosmetics line with the goal of meeting in particular the desire and need of each patient.

Our products’ formulas comprise the quality, safety and efficiency as they are thus produced in high standard facilities, meeting the most demanding international good manufacturing practices. Regardless of age and need, our products have been developed to soften and eliminate expression lines, wrinkles and skin marks, in addition to contributing to better skin hydration, and elasticity.

For the purpose of offering the complete solution, the BioFlex cannula and syringe line has been added to our portfolio for an even more precise and safer application.


Complete solutions portfolio based on cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid + Lidocaine.

Kirialys Mesotherapy

Revitalizing solutions with multivitamins
which help replenish minerals and nourish the skin and the scalp.


Solutions that provide hydration and improve skin imperfections.

Treating and correcting skin signs, regaining volume, elasticity and a healthy look.

Bioflex Syringes

With transparent body, it allows for excellent view of the content. Accurate dosage with less waste. Latex-free. Available in 0.3 ml, 32g x 5 mm and 1 ml, 31g x 5 mm.

Bioflex Micro Cannula

Flexible, resistant and totally
anatomical, available in two sizes 22g x 50 mm and 25g x 50 mm.