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A new generation of syringes and microcannulas developed with the highest quality standard for an even more accurate and safer application.

Bioflex Micro Cannula

Flexible, resistant and anatomical, available in two sizes 22g x 50 mm and 25g x 50 mm. Especially designed for a more accurate and safer application.

Its wall is extremely thin and made of special surgical grade stainless steel.

Its length and flexibility allow a larger surface to be covered with a single entry point. The design of its blunt tip provides better sliding capacity, minimizing the risk of injuring tissues and vessels as compared with traditional hypodermic needles.

Procedures are performed in a faster way and with less pain. BioFlex microcannulas provide the professional with better treatment management capacity, requiring less force for application. This results in less bruises, better comfort to the patient and increase of precision when administering dermal fillers.

Its perfect fit reduces the risk of pop off and leaks.

Registro Anvisa: Bioflex Cannulas: 81621070001

Bioflex Syringes

High quality disposable syringes which offer substantial economies in each application. For a safer application, the piston of its plunger has accurate fit and leak-proof. Available in 1ml, 31g x 5 mm and 0.3 ml, 32g x 5 mm. With transparent body, it enables excellent view of the content, allowing for a right dosage reading with less waste. The anatomical design of the flange (support for the fingers) provides comfortable adherence and easy control. Its graduated scale permits easy reading which minimizes dosage errors. It has single unit markings for more accurate measurement. Latex-free.

Registro Anvisa:  Bioflex Syringes: 81621070002