A new generation of microcannulas developed with the highest quality standards for an even more precise and safe application.

Bioflex® Microcannulas

Flexible, resistant, and anatomical, available in three dimensions: 22Gx50mm, 25Gx50mm, and 27Gx50mm. Specially designed for more precise and safe application.

Its wall is extremely thin and made of special surgical-grade stainless steel.

Its length and flexibility allow for covering a larger surface with a single entry point. The design of its blunt tip provides better sliding capability, minimizing the risk of tissue and vessel injury compared to traditional hypodermic needles.

Procedures are performed faster and with less pain. BioFlex® microcannulas give professionals better treatment management capacity, requiring less force for application. This results in fewer bruises, improved patient comfort, and increased precision when administering dermal fillers. Its perfect fit reduces the risk of “pop-off” and leaks.

Registro Anvisa: Bioflex® Microcânulas: 81621070001