Idealized and founded by professionals who have together built a success story in the world market of Aesthetic Medicine with the brand of polylactic acid threads (Silhouette Soft) – Silhouette Lift, present in more than 60 countries, sold in 2014 to the British public company Sinclair IS Pharma SA.

Pharmaesthetics, a Luxembourg-based company, emerged to meet the need for professionals looking for products that combine technology, safety and effectiveness – enabling healthcare professionals to work respecting and recovering the characteristics of each patient, whether aesthetic or therapeutic.

This is a company dedicated to well-being. We constantly study and develop new technologies to achieve our great goal, our reason for existing – to improve the self-esteem, well-being and satisfaction of as many people as possible.

We have a commitment to health professionals and their patients.

We work tirelessly in the pursuit of efficiency and safety of our products, always with scientific basis proof, and using and creating the most modern technologies.

We are above and in compliance with the world standards of quality, safety and environment.

Pharmaesthetics is proud to be the first Brazilian laboratory to produce cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid in different concentrations, with or without lidocaine and to offer a portfolio of reliable products in aesthetic and therapeutic solutions, using the best raw materials in the world with the know-how of international professionals who have been in this segment for more than 20 years.

Our goal is to constantly evolve in order to care for and guarantee human well-being, as well as to add value to our clients’ daily practices.

Research and Development

We understand that technological innovation is the strategic path that keeps us ahead of future market demands, and a necessary condition for obtaining a pipeline of products with high added value.

Focusing on these premises, we built our own Development Center, investing in public partnerships, national researchers and in the training and qualification of professionals in the segment. Thus, we believe that, even considering the intrinsic uncertainties of the research, we will be able to transform science into reality.

The processes of Research and Development have been employed by the company since its inception, being part of our organizational essence, our DNA, allowing the creation of innovative products, and still sustaining the know-how for the entire process chain, thus guaranteeing the constant entry into the market new solutions.

Headquarters Luxembourg


Founder, President and CEO of Lancelot Investments S.A., controller company of Pharmaesthetics Group of Brazil. Mr. Capinan has a solid distribution experience performing important work for Silhouette Lift Inc. His company accounted for 50% of Silhouette Lift' global sales, which was sold to an English publicly traded pharmaceutical company in 2014. He holds a degree in Engineering Mechanics with specialization in Robotics at Universidade de São Paulo (USP).

Co-founder shareholder

Founder and Chairman of the Board of Lancelot Investments S.A., controller of Pharmaesthetics Group of Brazil. Mr. Schupak has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of aesthetics through the successful launch of Silhouette Lift. He was founder and CEO of Silhouette Lift, a company that has achieved success in more than 60 countries until its acquisition by Sinclair Pharma SA, a publicly traded English company in 2014.


Board Member of Lancelot Investments S.A., controller of Pharmaesthetics Group of Brazil, Member of the Paris Bar since 1994, has developed a strong specialization in Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity transactions and National and International Litigation Mr. Farrache holds a master' degree in Private Law and a Post-graduate degree in Intellectual Property. He also majored at French Business School (ESCP).

Management Brazil

Industrial Director

She joined the company in March 2017. She has more than 20 years of experience in regulatory affairs for the Brazilian National Health Agency (Anvisa), as well as the corresponding European and American agencies. Ms. Oliveira is graduated in Pharmacy and a holds a Master' degree in Business Administration at FGV (Fundação Getúlio Vargas).

Commercial Director HOF

Graduated from Mackenzie and post-graduated from FGV (Getulio Vargas Foundation). A professional with solid experience in the pharmaceutical industry, in medium to large national and multinational companies. Demonstrates strong performance in corporate market, customer prospecting, commercial strategies, and has an excellent relationship with renowned professionals in the national market, achieving significant goals and results. Has experience in managing, motivating and developing team skills.


Graduate in Pharmacy by Universidade Federal do Paraná [Federal University of Paraná] - UFPR with specialization in Quality Management and Black Belt - Six Sigma certification by FAE Business School. She is as professional with 8 years of experience on fields of Quality Control, Validation, Equipment Qualification and Water Purification Systems, Validation of Analytical Methods and Management of Labs in Pharmaceutical Industries.


Operate in the aesthetic and pharmaceutical market, innovating, developing, producing and marketing quality products, providing professionals and their patients with innovative products and treatments.


To be the leading company in the aesthetic and therapeutic market and a global brand of reference in aesthetic treatment.


• Quality: we put quality first in everything we do, adopting soluHons with consistency and effectiveness.
• Patents: we understand that patents are the main reason for our business.
• Result: We always seek the best results respecting the rules and ethical limits.
• Our way: We have an innovative mindset and attitude. We work tirelessly to be more and more productive. We interact respectfully with people, communities and the environment.
• People: We like what we do, we promote a motivating organizational climate in an open, transparent and intensely developed environment. We value and recognize our employees and teamwork.